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We've captured a lot of films over the years, both for ourselves and other companies. Please enjoy some highlights of what's available for online viewing down below. You can also follow us on YouTube where we frequently post new films, educational tutorials and equipment reviews.

A short weekend visit to Koh Chang to dive its famous wreck, the HTMS Chang. Regarded by many as the best recreational wreck dive in Thailand, I can say it didn't disappoint!


But I was almost equally impressed by some of the other dive sites we visited on the trip, with very healthy reefs and diverse coral growth. Big thanks to Stella for having me on!

4K Koh Chang | HTMS Chang

4K Similan Liveaboard II

Similans National Marine Park is home to some of the most famous dive sites in Thailand. The park is open from October through to May each year, with the monsoon winds keeping it closed for diving the rest of the year.


This short promotional video contains footage from 3 trips during the 2020/21 season onboard the MV Deep Andaman Queen, one of the premiere liveaboards in Thailand.

4K Myanmar Liveaboard

At the end of Jan 2020 I was fortunate enough to visit Myanmar on one of the last liveaboards before Covid shut down the borders and diving was halted. The 7 day trip aboard the Deep Andaman Queen was beautiful, with dives in Similan Islands & Surin Islands before crossing the border.


Sadly it was most likely a La Niña year, with cold green water and limited visibility at most of the dive sites. It did however bring about a lot of stingrays and most excitingly, multiple observations of the newly described Ranong Guitarfish (Rhinobatos ranongensis). We also had multiple Blotched Stingrays, Jenkins Whiprays, Bluespotted Stingrays & Eagle Rays. Sadly no sharks or big Mantas on this trip, so I guess we'll have to go again someday!

4K Whale Shark

As far as whale sharks encounters go, this one was simply perfect. A small group of divers, most of us being camera professionals, got to enjoy nearly 2 full dives with this beauty at South West Pinnacle, Koh Tao - Thailand.


Conditions were great with beautiful visibility and soft lighting. Please enjoy this short 4K video!

4K Similans Liveaboard

This short promotional video of the Similan Islands was filmed aboard Deep Andaman Queen, one of the best liveaboards in Thailand! Scuba diving with them is a breeze, with a great setup for all age groups and experience levels.

My 4K Underwater Showreel

My 4K underwater showreel for 2020! Despite this being a particularly bad year, I managed to get around a bit diving in various locations around Thailand & Myanmar!


Fortunately we have been lucky here in Thailand, with practically no real Covid numbers throughout the year. Hence dive trips and liveaboards have been running, although with far fewer people than normal.

4K Timelapse

I don't get to go shoot timelapses that often, so this has actually taken me years to complete! But I'm very happy with the result. All shots done at Koh Tao in Thailand, the stunning little island I call home.

4K Koh Tao; Up in the Air

Some of my favorite drone shots around Koh Tao, shot in 2016.

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