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We create photos & videos for businesses and organisations looking to improve their image and strengthen their marketing drive. Our particular expertise allows us to shoot in any kind of conditions and situations, from underwater shots in a resort pool to aerial images of a mountain view villa.

Promotional videos can give you great results!

In todays social media climate, promoting your business through video is the way to go. Good videos (used right) engages better with your potential customers and through targeted marketing they can help improve your reach, image and client base. We've been creating videos for resorts, dive shops, villas and organisations for years, and we often receive instant positive feedback. Our customers often notice immidiate improvement in their marketing after taking advantage of our video service, with some going so far as to telling us they made the money they spent on us back within weeks of posting their video!

But our videos often go beyond social media, and we have created successful campaigns for national tourism agencies, travel agencies, hotel chains and media companies. Our work have been displayed in travel expos across the world and reached millions of viewers online. When you choose us for your promotional needs, you are getting experience and advice about the market included in the price!


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for a chat about how we can help improve your business outlook.

Resort & Villa promotion videos | Aquatic Images

Resort & Villas

Although we specialize in dive resorts (given our unique expertise in capturing underwater images) we love creating promotional videos for all kinds of resorts and villas to help them highlight exactly what is it that makes them stand out from the competition. We have previously had incredible feedback on our content, with major resorts letting us know that after only 1 trade show they felt the expense of our work had been repaid and villa owners seeing a increase in bookings after using our videos in their marketing. So please get in touch if you want to take the next step and increase the potential of your business together with us!

Dive school promotion videos | Aquatic Images

Dive School videos

We understand the challenges and difficulties of running a dive school after being involved with various ones for years. The margins usually isn't great and the competition is fierce. And there are many ways of standing out in this space. Word of mouth, sites like TripAdvisor or association with local resorts and businesses. But in our experience one of the frequently overlooked marketing strategies involve high quality promotional videos. In the age of social media few things are as powerful as capturing peoples attention right where they are, be that through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other platform. So let us help you stand out and reach more potential customers through stunning marketing material created by professionals.

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