Red Rock

With some of the healthiest coral reefs on Koh Tao, Red Rock is a beautiful place to dive. Located just of Koh Nang Yuan, it can boast having one of the largest caves in the waters around Koh Tao, and lot's of exciting marine life.

Red Rock itself is a large boulder resting on a seabed of sand and rubble at about 20 meters depth. It can be clearly seen from a boat as it nearly breaks the surface. Covered in hard corals on the top and sides and some soft corals towards the bottom, it attracts a lot of different marine life. A deep overhang is cut into the rock from years of erosion, making it a perfect hiding place for Bluespotted Ribbontail Rays, Jenkins Rays and lot's of other fish, crabs and shrimps.

Once you have explored the rock itself, it's a short swim to the shoreline where the first thing you'll find is a large cave. With 4 entry/exits and a large open space inside, it's always worth a visit.

Due to it's close proximity to Japanese Gardens, divers often do a drop off at Red Rock and dive alongside the shore into Japanese Gardens. While this is a great dive to do, we find it's more exciting to visit the northern part of the dive site. Here the hard corals are strong and varied, and a small colony of Pinktailed Triggerfish can be found here!

The shoreline along Red Rock is often visited by a lot of exotic marine life. Turtles are often seen here, especially on the drop off into Japanese Gardens. Banded Sea Snakes can be hard to find but seems to thrive here, and Giant/Starry Pufferfish likes to visit the area as well.