Ko Losin

    Far south in the Gulf of Thailand close to the Malaysian sea border, one of Thailands absolute best dive sites is located.

Far from everywhere, its location has kept it a secret for decades. In later years more dive operators have discovered this hidden gem and you can now seasonally visit the dive site with several of them. With stunning reefs, visibility and incredible marine life encounters it deserves a spot on the top list of the country.


    There is a very narrow season to visit due to its location so far out into sea. May and August are considered the best times a year to go, with July & September also good. Most trips depart either from Had Yai in the south or Koh Samui to the north. The only way to visit is by liveaboards, usually on 3/4 day trips.

Marine life

    Except for the healthy reefs, you can spot some truly incredible creatures here. Whale sharks, manta and eagle rays, guitar sharks and the list goes on. Its geography in the middle of the ocean truly attracts a wide variety of visitors. So if you're thinking that spending several days doing only one dive site sounds boring, think again!