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We have been creating promotional videos for many liveaboard companies over the years here in Thailand. We aim to provide unique content that showcases the best features of the boat, company and dive trip. This is where our expertise shooting underwater images for over a decade comes into play. Not only do you get incredible underwater images of your trips but we also capture on-boat and aerial images, combining them into stunning promotional content to help attract new customers to your business.




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30.000 THB

What will 30.000 THB get you??

We capture footage with modern and high quality cameras in 4K resolution. That's underwater, on the boat and in the air! The beauty of 4K resolution, except for the fact that 4K TVs are now hitting the market and delivering in 4K is a great way of future proofing your content, is that there's also a massive advantage to social media marketing. By capturing footage in 4K we can turn that footage into full resolution vertical video best suited for platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. 

Because included in the price are 2 edits; 1 classical horizontal 4K edit, and one vertical edit optimized for social media!

If you have a particular creative vision for your promotional videos, we are happy to work out how to best capture it beforehand. But if you want you can also just leave it to the professionals. After all, that's what you are paying us for!

The price of 30.000 THB is for a 3 day liveaboard trip to anywhere in Thailand. For each additional day we add 5.000 THB to the bill, meaning a 5 day trip will cost you 40.000 THB. And that is the total price we charge you, there are no hidden costs. We cover our own travel expenses, we sort out music licensing, we do the works! All you need to cover is having us on the boat + any marine park fees.

So get in touch with us today and let's talk promos!

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