We've been capturing images underwater and on land for over a decade, and have had the pleasure of working together with several large TV companies & production companies across the world. With time comes invaluable experience and expertise, and we are proud to say that the images we produce are always well received by both clients and viewers.

We offer our services within underwater documentary production to clients across the world and to destinations across Thailand, Asia and beyond!


As our company name might suggest, we specialize in capturing stories that unfold beneath the waves. This is where we are most passionate, as we also have a deep connection to the ocean and all its wonderful inhabitants. Shooting underwater wildlife for nearly a decade has given us invaluable experience when it comes to capturing the best images during any conditions. As the job requires, we are also experienced scuba divers and freedivers. If you need any underwater images, be that either from a pool or a distant dive site, get in touch with us and lets talk!


One of the great things about our job is that it takes us to beautiful destinations across the world, from stunning beaches to beautiful mountain scapes. When drones started to become a thing we knew we had to get onboard, and we've been flying them ever since. Even if we're just diving recreationally, it's so great to send the drone up from the boat to film any wildlife or beautiful islands that we travel between. We have commercially licensed pilots for Thailand but are happy to go fly anywhere.


On top of our services underwater and in the air, we also help clients capture images on land for any project they may have. We are well experienced in and use equipment like gimbals, sliders, lighting and sound gear. We also use multiple 4K capable cameras and have a great lens selection. Together with our other services, we are able to offer any client the full package, capturing images on location anywhere.


Over the years we've build up a large stock footage library. Some of it we sell online through stock companies, but most of it we keep for clients looking for that extra something that's not sold elsewhere. We have footage of wildlife such as sharks, rays, schooling fish and macro subjects. We have a library of aerial images from across Thailand and Southeast Asia. And we also capture a large amount of Timelapses wherever we travel, with everything from stunning sunsets to picture perfect tropical landscapes. Need any stock footage? Get in touch with us and lets see if we can help!